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Electrical Competency Refresher (ESR 100)

Practicing Licence  Refresher  Competency Course suitable for: Electricians, EST, EAS, Engineers, Apprentices. Renewing their Practicing Licences This course covers: Regulations, (including amendments), Standards, Testing for Safety, for Installations and Appliances, Safe Working Practices, Basic First Aid + CPR. New Standards AS/NZS 3000:2018 Review

ON-Line Electrical Safety Refresher and Competency Course (ESR 001)

This course can only be undertaken by approved participants. You must apply on line through this site for approval  to undertake the course as the requirements of the EWRB ar very stringent for participants. You must have a reasonably modern computer with good Internet and Skype capability. The program will take you 2 to 3 hours to complete. However you may leave and return up to 20 times but you must complete the program within 5 days. If you start the program after payment we ...

First Aid CPR Refresher ON-LINE (FA 100)

This course is designed as a refresher for those who have undertaken practical first Aid ,CPR courses in the past. The program covers all the basic CPR, Recovery Position, Electric shock, Bleeding, Burns, Dislocation, Broken Bones, Eye Injuries,  Choking, and generial patient care.  

AS/NZS 3000 : 2018 ( Whats in side and whats changed) (AS3000)

This will probably be the most boring course you have been on. There are over 200 changes like  "conduct to duct" In two hours we will try to enlighten you on the most significant changes and how they will apply to you in the work place. We will provide you withan extensive handout with the details for your reference.   If you would like an Inhouse course. Ring Kerry 021 722 493


New technology multi-instrument verification unit. The Standards AS/NZS 3100 requires that you verify your test equipment for accuracy Annually This unit will verify Insulation Resistance Meters, Loop Impedance Meters, and any Resistance Meters. Calibrated to 1% accuracy. This one unit will give you confidence that your equipment is operating correctly is measuring accurately and  could save you an expensive fine Also comes with instruction book, DVD and Instrument verification stic...

Health & Safety System

This is a sample of a few of the pages contained in the manuals

Manuals are developed with you to suit your company and work site's. Full training can also be provided.

We can supply monthly Toolbox Talks on a variety of subjects both technical and health and safety (see our toolbox talks page) Safer Site can provide a full range of support from casual auditing and advice to full Consultancy services to assist with implementation.

Full support an management of your Health and Safety System including maintenance of records